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About Mad Deft Media

Welcome to Mad Deft Media:

Where Creativity Meets Reality

Mad Deft Media is not just a media company; it's an opportunity to reimagine your projects, ideas, and cherished moments through a creative lens. We believe that every story deserves to be told in its entirety, capturing the essence of each moment that matters. At Mad Deft, we are persistent about being present at the right place and time to seize the magic as it unfolds.

Our Roots, Our Passion

Our journey began over a year ago when two roommates collaborated to put on a local festival. One of us took charge of organizing the event, while the other picked up a camera and started documenting the unfolding magic. Those three crazy, beautiful, and off-the-wall nights left an indelible mark on us both, igniting a lifelong passion for storytelling through media.

As friends turned creative partners, we found ourselves constantly exchanging plans, ideas, and dreams. Before we knew it, Mad Deft was born - a media company driven by our unwavering commitment to creativity, top-of-the-line equipment, and cutting-edge techniques.

Our Craft:

With over 10 years of combined experience in photography and videography, we take pride in our ability to turn each moment into a unique spectacle that shines brightly in its own light. We understand that curating magic moments requires a delicate balance of artistry and technical expertise, and we strive to expand our creative horizons with every new endeavor.

Our High Country Home:

Headquartered in the picturesque North Carolina High Country, we have earned a reputation among artists for our unwavering dedication to creativity and meticulous attention to detail. Having worked with hundreds of talented individuals and businesses throughout our career, we hold this reputation in high regard and endeavor to uphold and surpass it with each shoot.

Join the Mad Deft Experience:

Whether it's a personal celebration, a brand's identity, or an artistic endeavor, we are committed to turning your moments into lasting memories. So, join us on this creative journey and make your moment Mad Deft.



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